Tour De France is coming – Cultural learnings of Yorkshire make benefit!

tour de france 2


In view of our sponsorship of the Tour de France  / Grand Depart, and the sojourn Oop t’ North for the first time of some of our friends,  I thought you might find this video instructive, if you haven’t already seen it:



Some  handy proper Yorkshire like cultural and TdeF tips!

It’s an advert for the Holme Moss Campsite, but it’s still entertaining in its own right, and worth enjoying for 5 minutes!



NB, in York itself, it is flat  – the “Vale of York” –  but otherwise exactly the same.


Assume it was based on the memorable Yorkshire Airlines Ad some years ago, which led the way in terms of international consumer satisfaction outreach – Yorkshire style. If you never saw that 3-minute Video, click here for some preliminary acclimatisation!

“Welcome to Yorkshire!?”

[With thanks to fellow director John Eaton]

toure de france  lf-dt